Is detailed media planning waste of time in digital marketing General

One of my favorite quotes is by John Maynard Keynes: “If the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” One of the most important things in digital marketing is flexibility: when the facts change, you need to be ready to change your opinions and plans.


In the past, the most important part of marketing campaigns was the media planning, as it was the basis of how campaigns were carried out. The media plan could be more important than the execution of the campaign. In creating a media plan, companies are prepared to spend a lot of time and buy expensive research. Because previously detailed media plans have been very important, today there are still many people who request detailed media plans and assume that these plans are followed throughout the campaign. If there are changes made during the campaign, these people start to wonder what has gone so terribly wrong that changes were needed.

Media planning is also important in digital marketing. Rather than making very detailed plans, it is more important to create the rough plan and be ready to modify it during the campaign based on the newest data. Even a few days after the campaign starts, you will have much better information on the actual prices and performance of the campaign than what was available before it began. In the worst (or maybe best) case, you could find out that radically changing the campaign could give you much better results than you could have achieved with the original plan.Graphs in media planning


With a rough media plan, a digital marketer can avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and/or the need to explain why the plan was modified; this will leave more time to analyze the results of the campaign and modify the plan based on this analysis. In addition, the more detailed the media plan, the more easily you could fall in love with it – and then instead of being flexible and modifying the plan when necessary, you would waste time defending it. I myself have been guilty of this.

Are you willing to dedicate more time to modify the media plan and optimise various channels than the time you already invested in creating it? Do you have enough courage and responsiveness to edit your ads and split the budget between different channels during the campaign?

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