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Using smartphones has become so commonplace that we often do not pay attention to how frequently we use them and how much time we spend on them. A Nottingham Trent University study found that people spend almost twice as much time on their smartphones as they think they do. Obtaining precise knowledge of the amount and frequency of smartphone usage is difficult. It is much easier to estimate how much you watch TV each day than how much and how many times you use your smartphone.

How often, then, do we use smartphones on a daily basis?

According Hanna Kivelä (Industry head at Google), we touch a smartphone about 150 times per day.

– According to a 2014 survey by Techmark, people use smartphones an average of 221 times a day, with an accumulated daily operating time of 3 hours 16 minutes. The UK-based survey involved 2,000 respondents who answered questions relating to the use of their smartphones.

A study by Nottingham University found that people use their smartphones an average of 85 times per day with a total usage time per day of about five hours. The study also found that participants’ usage consists of several very short sessions; more than half of the sessions’ durations were under 30 seconds.
The study followed 23 separate persons’ smartphone usage via a special smartphone app that tracked smartphone usage. There were some small problems with the application, however, so the total usage time per day (5h) might be slightly too high; also, the sample size is too small for broad generalizations. Still, this research method gives the more reliable picture of smartphone usage than survey based methods.

– Based on Deloitte’s survey, only 16% of people use a smartphone more than 100 times a day, and the median usage is around 25 times a day. These findings were based on the answers of 3,039 respondents in the UK who owned a smartphone or had access to one. The answers were based on respondents’ own estimations, which probably explains the difference between this study and the one made by Nottingham University. However, there is a huge discrepancy between the results of Deloitte’s and Techmark’s surveys.Smartphone usage chart

– In 2013, KPCB reported that people use their phones, on average, about 150 times a day. The report did not specify whether the data includes only smartphones or all phones. The basis for this report was a few sources, the most important being the leading 3G carrier with operations in Europe and Asia.

– Personally, I have been following my smartphone usage in recent months with the QualityTime application. I have learned that I use my smartphone about 100 times per day, a total of about three hours daily. Not included in this count are the more than ten times per day when I quickly check my phone without unlocking the screen. These instances occur mainly when I am checking notifications from different applications, wondering if I have missed something important.

In summary, estimating smartphone usage is difficult, and this is reflected in the varying results of studies, surveys, and reports. Most likely, we use smartphones, on average, about 50–150 times per day. Do you know many times per day you are checking your smartphone? Especially, if you are a marketing planner, I recommend that you will start also tracking your smartphone usage for example with QualityTime-application.

Here are my smartphone usage information in week 2.


My screen unlocks in week 2

Smartphone usage

My smartphone usage in week 2

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