Trending now: Content comes to ads and advertising the content Marketing

Content marketing has been one of the biggest trends in marketing in recent years. Contrary to what many might wish, it is a big change and it isn’t going away any time soon. The name ‘content marketing’ may change, but the ideology itself is not going to experience major changes. This is due to the fact that nowadays, the traditional big media companies don’t control people’s attention as strongly as in the past. The number of commercial media companies has exploded and, via mobile devices, you are able to connect with whatever internet content you want from almost anywhere and at any time. While the traditional media companies still attract a large amount of your attention, they are now in competition with content from brands and Facebook updates, Instagram photos, tweets and videos on YouTube made by your friends and other people.

Advertising tries to say something a company wants to say in the most appealing way possible to an audience, whereas content marketing starts with thinking about what the audience wants to consume and then considers how the brand can add value to that. They start from opposite ends.

However, the boundaries between advertising and content marketing will become blurred over the next few years. Content is appearing more and more in ads and, in future, content will be advertised more than ever. In particular, Facebook and YouTube have educated marketers that high-quality interesting content can attract more people’s attention than traditional product or brand marketing. At the same time, marketers have found that the content is useless if no one can find it. In that case, the resources used for making the content have entirely gone to waste. One answer to this problem is to advertise the content.

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