The status of mobile marketing in Finland Mobile

From a mobile marketing point of view, Finland is interesting country. Finns have been a world pioneer in the introduction of mobile phones (thanks to Nokia), and we have many of the world’s leading mobile game companies (Supercell, Rovio, Seriously, Next Games, Play Raven, etc.). In the last few years, however, we have been left a bit behind in the utilization of new technologies, and mobile marketing campaigns from Finland haven’t been in top positions in international marketing competitions.

It would be easy to say that we are behind many other European countries and especially behind other Nordic countries. In other countries, peoples are much more willing to try new possibilities and take risks. It would be easy to use those as an excuse and to complain why mobile marketing doesn’t have a bigger role in Finland.

Instead of complaining, I would like to praise the status of mobile marketing in Finland. The status is actually great, and many companies understand that a mobile isn’t only a new place where to put ads. Mobile will provide new possibilities for many things that weren’t possible earlier. Here are a few examples:

  • Wolt – With this application, you can order food from restaurants and follow up the delivery of the order in a real time. In developing the service, the creators have started with mobile first approach to design, which has made possible a great user experience. The best part is that the company is looking to conquer international markets and not focus just on Finland.
  • Supla – Sanoma has observed that consumers’ habits have changed from previous years. With mobile device users listening more and more to music and podcasts. Talk programs have become more important radio companies when music listening has transferred increasingly to streaming services.
  • ParkMan – When people are asked whether they have paid with mobile devices for products or services, the answer is often negative—even though the reality is different. The experience in the best mobile applications is so smooth that people aren’t even fully aware how often they pay for something with their mobile device. ParkMan is a great example of that. Just read the reviews from Google Play. You will see how much people are praising the app and how much easier it has made parking in cities.
  • Fonecta Caller – With this app, your phone no longer receives calls from unknown people. Due to the simplicity and functionality, the app is a great product. However, the greatest thing is that company didn’t remain in a time before smartphones. Instead of that, they were open to utilize new possibilities of smartphones.
  • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport – Understands that a good way to improve travelers’ satisfaction is by providing free and well-functioning Wi-Fi. It is great to see that it is not a thing they have done. They are also using Wi-Fi to track and improve passenger flow during the entire airport experience.

Of course, there are also a few examples of companies who only want to squeeze the desktop experience to mobile devices and use mobile only as a new channel to reach consumers. Luckily, there are only a small number of these kinds of companies.

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