3 reasons why 360 pictures are greater than 360 videos at the moment Mobile / Yleinen

About a year ago, 360 videos arrived with a big buzz on Facebook and YouTube. Many people were expecting that 360 videos would be the next big thing in marketing and in the entertainment industry.

However, 360 videos haven’t been as big of a thing as many were expecting. The reasons why 360 pictures are more popular at the moment are also partly the reasons why 360 video haven’t taken off.

Manuscript and direction

360 pictures illustrate one moment in time, which makes controlling them relatively easy. However, 360 videos require entirely different kinds of manuscripts of videos and direction abilities. Due to this challenge, the experience of watching 360 videos is often a bit flat/weak.

Easy approachability

Viewing and understanding 360 pictures is easier than 360 videos. Viewing a picture does not take as much time as watching a video because the focus in the picture is only in one frame at. When viewing a picture, it is also much easier to understand what you should be looking at. With 360 videos, you don’t usually understand what you are supposed to look at—especially if the common thread is not clear. As a result, you might have a hazy feeling about the video, and, due to that, you’ll watch it again from different angles to try to understand it better.


In practice, anyone is able to create a 360 picture with their smartphone. Taking a 360 picture does not require a lot of preparation or resources. Therefore, we will encounter 360 pictures (on Facebook, for example) a lot more than 360 videos. The more often the public will face 360 pictures, the more they will become familiar with them and view them.

However, 360 videos and pictures are not competitors to each other. Instead, the pictures are a milestone in the increasing popularity of 360 videos, acquainting the public to 360 experience and educating for video creators how to manuscript 360 experience.

When using 360 pictures, I recommend creating a series of 360 pictures to make an interesting story for your audience. For example, in first picture, you can tease something interesting, and, in the second picture, you can tell more. In the third picture you can announce a new product.

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