Why advertisers are often satisfied with crappy content in banner ads General

For several years, I have spoken about the advertising opportunities on Facebook and Google (using AdWords). After all, these opportunities are excellent and efficient. Both companies have good targeting options, and most importantly, the ads do not interrupt user activities. Instead, the ads generate added value for users.

On the other hand, I have begun in recent years to worry that Facebook and Google have become too big in the ad business. After all, their share of U.S. digital ad revenues is more than 70%. The digital advertising market is currently a duopoly in which Facebook and Google determine the rules of the game that you must follow.

While Facebook and Google’s ways of measuring advertising and usage of content and taking advantage of your data (for example, the number of visitors to your website) can often be absurd or insane, you are left with no practical choice than to use their advertising. At the same time, several media and content providers will lose their income directly to Facebook and Google, which in turn will shrink the small media companies and reduce investments in high-quality journalistic content.

With Facebook and Google’s absurdity and their effective advertising opportunities, they have been able to dictate the rules of the game that advertisers have to follow. However, every cloud has a silver lining. The big companies’ bargaining power and the rules of the game are also why many advertisers have shifted their focus to relevant, high-quality ads and content on those platforms.

In particular, the “like” feature of Facebook has taught advertisers that relevant and fun content can trigger more action and gain more users’ attention than product ads, which seek to describe the product for everyone. Below are a few great examples of relevant and funny ads on Facebook.


Daim – Do you need more motivation for studying?


Battery – Energetic New Year friednds


Heineken – Match day! Do you support Atlético Madrid or PSV Eindhoven? Select your side.


Vaasan – These sandwich toppings are like a fireworks. Delicious New Year!

My biggest wonder is that, if relevant and fun ads work on Facebook, why are they not used in other websites instead of traditional banner ads? Fun and insightful ads are used on Facebook, but advertisers use tedious, traditional product advertisements in other banner ads. WHY?



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