About me


My name is Tapio. It’s nice to meet you.IMG_52535

I’m a passionate marketer, who dreams that with the growth of digital marketing, Finland will become one of the top countries for marketing, and Finnish companies (especially those aiming to grow) will understand how valuable marketing is.

I love self-development and learning all kinds of new stuff. In general, I like doing things and trying new ideas. I’m not afraid of setting myself challenging goals, towards which I need to keep working hard, or of testing own limits. A good example of this is that even though I didn’t attend Upper secondary school, I was still able to get into the Turku School of Economics, although many would see this as impossible.

I have over five years’ experience of marketing and over 10 years’ of information technology. At the moment, I work at Ainoa Resolution, in mobile and programmatic marketing. Earlier, I’ve worked at Rovio, in user acquisition and at ABB, in digital marketing. Even so, in this blog I will express only my personal opinions, and neither my employer nor anyone else is responsible for these writings.

I spend much of my free time on the Internet, reading different blogs and news. I also love reading, football, cooking and mobile games. At Goodreads, you can also discover the books that I’ve read or I’m currently reading.





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