Would voice be the next screen? General / Mobile

It was February 11, 2011. In Finland, February was record-breaking cold, and people were saying that it was a winter like that of old times. That it was. At the same time, it was warm in...

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Growth Hacking: What Is It? General

In recent years, the so-called growth hacking and growth hackers movements have increased in popularity, mainly because of the start-up boom. However, many people don’t know what growth hacking is. As with many other marketing trends,...

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Niche Is Dead? Long Live Blockbusters General

People expect that the Internet and digitalization provide equal opportunities for each company to succeed. It’s a nice idea, but in practice the impact of the Internet and digitalization has been the opposite. Today, revenues and...

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Will Data Change the Lives of Marketers? General

You may have heard the saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Regardless of whether this is true, marketing has long required measurability and profitability. Finland especially would like to increase the role...

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