Four mobile marketing trends for 2017 Mobile

The year 2016 is behind us and it’s time look at mobile marketing trends for 2017. These are trends that have already been observed in 2016, but will become even bigger in 2017.

Augmented reality will become more prominent for advertising

Pokemon GO, Snapchat, and MSQRD brought augmented reality back to many marketing managers’ minds. Many managers’ gaze and expectations have been on virtual reality. However, VR won’t reach the masses in the next two years. Therefore, augmented reality is seen as a more prominent immediate enabler for new implementations.

Snapchat’s and MSQRD’s Augmented Reality Filters have been so popular that Facebook bought MSQRD and has already put the filters into use in Facebook Messenger. In 2017, we will see more ads utilizing augmented reality, and there might also be completely new ad formats that take advantage of augmented reality.

How you will see it in practice: At Cannes Lions, a case that is based on augmented reality will win at least a bronze Lion in the mobile category.

You will see more like these:

Netflix ads across Paris allow you to Face Swap with your favorite characters

Taco Bell Snapchat lensTaco Bell Snapchat filter

Use of location data

Snapchat’s geofilters and Pokemon GO were the most prominent cases of the use of location data in 2016. Also, according to an IAB UK survey, two-thirds (66 %) of marketers reported that location-based advertising was the “most exciting” mobile opportunity of 2016.

The use of location data in advertising is not usually clearly visible and is not publicly revealed in most cases. However, location data will be used in the planning and implementation of an increasing number of campaigns.

How you will see it in practice: One of the big game developers (e.g., King, Glu, Zynga, Kabam, Wooga, Gameloft) will make a game based on location; at the Cannes Lions, there will be a case in the shortlist for the mobile category that is based on the use of location data.

You will see more like these:

Starwood experimenting Snapchat geofilters

Snapchat geofilter

BMW Driving Moments That Matter

Unification of mobile and social media

In 2017, it will become clearer that social media services will be used on mobile devices. No longer will campaigns for social media be made without a mobile element. Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the default assumption will be that social media services are used almost exclusively on mobile.

How you will see it in practice: All new advertising formats in social media services will focus on mobile and will not work without mobile devices.  In addition, more than one-third (33%) of the cases in the mobile category at Cannes Lions will have social media in a lead role.

Identifying the importance of mobile at the strategic level

In 2017, it will be more clearly seen that some companies have recognized the importance of mobile and raised it to a strategic level. As a result, companies will be ready to invest in the long term, meaning that some of their actions may not be profitable in the short term. For example, Alibaba and Amazon are already offering lower prices on their mobile apps than on their website in some cases.

How you will see it in practice: In more and more cases, you will be able to buy products or services via mobile apps at a lower price than, for example, on their website. I predict that half of the following companies will either try similar initiatives briefly or take to using them long term: Zalando, McDonald’s,, Domino’s Pizza, ASOS, Argos, and Target.

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